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Q: Latest version of 3DS Max that FumeFX 4.1 works with
Hi, I'm new to managing FumeFX for my team here. Does FumeFX 4.1 work with 3ds Max 2020 or later, or is 2019 the end of the road?


Yes, that that was the last 3ds max version supported for FumeFX 4.1.

If FumeFX 4.1 sim compatibility is required with FumeFX 5.0 - there is an option to use the FumeFX 4 solver to get very close look to what 4.1 produced.

Feel free to ask if you any question.

Best Regards,
Kresimir Tkalcec
Okay, for now our folks are going to stick with Max 2019 for the stuff they are doing with FumeFX. We'll look at upgrades at a future time.

Thank you!
Sure, no problems.
If you need a FumeFX 5 trial, feel free to email us.

Kresimir Tkalcec
Thanks and will do!

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