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FumeFX 6.0 and beyond
Hello everyone!

While we're working FumeFX 6, it would be great to see which feature you'd like to see the most in some on the next updates (apart from GPU, of course). Would you like to see water - FLIP or SPH, RBD, node based system, floating preview viewport resurrection, playback looping, game engine format export, Houdini style explosions look, Effector capabilities expansion or something else. Looking forward to see your thoughts.

Thank you!

Kresimir Tkalcec
#1: thinkingParticles Plight support (yeah i really want this)
#2 : finalRender support (now fR support rendering of volume Grid, could be great FFX work with it).
#3 : FLIP (but need somehow being able to work as fume with tP)

Option: node based system could be cool, but it really depend how this will be build Smile.
as long as we could still use FFX in conjunction with tP wich is really powerfull, i take anything else Smile

Good to see SitniSati still alive on FFX side, and got some serious ideas about what's next...
Hello Marc,

Thank you very much for your reply.

We have particle lights from Enligh that have reached end of life a long time ago and we can include it at some point.
As for the fR support - I've been talking to Edwin and provided them with an interface to FumeFX (same one we did for Redshift and Octane) and now we all hope that fR support happens soon.

Regarding remaining suggestions - thank you, they've been noted.

Best regards,
Kresimir Tkalcec
floating preview viewport resurrection! ;D thx.

this one thing alone is why i had to stop at 4.1.2 :/ that and because so many of my canned 3.x/4.x sims broke, but i realize that's probably never coming back due to needed code updates.

while we're on it, is it too much to ask to add jacobi in the engine drop down? hah, ok thought not.

i'll settle for floating viewport ;]

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