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fumefx + simple src + effector, weird blocks
I'm getting weird block shape artifacts when doing a large ground shockwave using a simple source, and affecting it with noise using a spherical effector. known issue?

3ds 2019
grid is very high detail and blocks disappear once dust rises up and distorts naturally. it only happens right near the ground. shows up in the render as well.

https://finalight.com/download/shockwave...e_v001.zip scene file. if you want to get results quickly, set the ffx sim box and simple src emitter from it's 5000 width down to about 250 to sim just a slice. it'll still show the artifacts. have changed the shader a bit so it's easier to see.
a workaround - piped standard 3ds noisemap thru effector affecting velocity. skipped using fumefx noise entirely.

Here's how it looks with FumeFX 5.0.7.. There have been many changes and fixes since FumeFX 4..

Kresimir Tkalcec
Hi Kresimir,

Was wondering if I should flip back to v5 to give it a shot. Have been using 4 since I was reworking some v4 explosion sims.

By the way, any idea how I can get rid of that square shape that appears in the simple source ground plane? Even with my method, I'm getting that too. Seems like even with the effector faded off to 0, it's stil affecting the grid a tiny bit at the extents of the spherical effector and as a square.

Not sure which effector exactly causes this ?
It seems there is no effector of that size?
Will check.

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