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MAYA 2020/Arnold 6 FFX VDB not rendering correct
Good morning, so recently (the past month) I've been having this issue that I can figure out with VDB sims from FFX. about 3 months ago I was testing workflows exporting/simming VDB from FFX and bringing them in using Arnold Volume node and assigning the Arnold volume shader to them and they worked great! Now for some reason when I try the same workflow OR reopen the old files from a few months ago and try to render, it renders as big chunky blocks...the shape is similar to the sim but it is super blocky/voxels. This does not happen when I am using other VDB files/caches from other software or packs that I download so I am assuming its not an Arnold thing, but I am open to suggestions. I tried searching for proper FFX VDB workflows but couldn't find any. I am using FFX 5.0.5 and Arnold 6.1 with MAYA 2020.3 however I can confirm that this was happening the same in Arnold 6.0 and MAYA 2020...it seems like a weird bug to me..because like I said about 3 months ago I was doing this workflow fine and the renders worked great and looked amazing..then when reopening the same files they now look all Blocky and incorrect...attached is an image with the VDB into Arnold Volume on Left and the FFX grid on the right for comparison. any help or direction in this would be great as this workflow is needed for a project starting next week and I wanted to iron out any kinks before starting. Much appreciated!!
UPDATE: must have been a weird bug..re-installed Arnold and connected the correct channels in the volume shader and it seems to be working now.

If you're exporting to .vdb and rendering with Arnold, then the problem would not be in the FumeFX.
Rendering directly from FumeFX would also work and save you from export to .vdb.
Thank you for the update - I'm glad that theissue is solved.

Kresimir Tkalcec

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