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TP Pmesh Building voxels ERROR Code 0
Hello Everyone!
I've just started on my FumeFX journey & I'm integrating Fume with a TP simulation of a building with 3 explosions. I have some geometry generating particles to be used as a Particle source in Fume for the fire & smoke.

Also I'm using geometry from an alembic export to add some add some further movement to the fire & smoke. It's not the geometry I'm using to generate particles inside TP but other parts of the building blowing out.

When I run the sim I get a building voxels error code 0, does anyone understand what this is & why I am getting this error, so I can take steps to fix it.

Cheers David.

Any chance you could send us a simple scene to support@afterworks.com so that we can examine it ?
That would help us a lot.

Thank you.

Kresimir Tkalcec

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