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old library scenes, v3>v4>v5
Any tips on params to alter to make decent use of previously dialed in sims without having to RnD from scratch? A lot of these were months of RnD and don't have time to re-engineer.

Basically looking for info to be able to resim and get close to the same result:

old ffx v3 sims but simming in ffx v4
old ffx v3 sims but simming in ffx v5

For example: multiply fuel expansion by 3x, etc.

With FumeFX 5, use Vorticity 2 if switching from FFX 4.
For emission from Object Sources, you can add some noise emission map to add more velocity turbulence as FFX4 had issues that caused velocities on object sources to go wild.
Everything else is more or less the same - it's the boundary conditions that are fixed and improved with FFX5.

Also can try to use the use FFX4 solver option that will create as much as possible close simulation as it was with FumeFX 4.

Kresimir Tkalcec
15 months later... thanks!
You're welcome.

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