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maxscript access to smoke color gradient
This might be an old topic however a search didn't turn up an answer..

I use RPManager to access multiple fumefx boxes to control various params, etc. - that probably didn't need to be mentioned. It's really a maxscript question - I can't seem to get access to change the smoke color via maxscript. I see a function called standard.smoke_color_gradient however the value only says 'reftarg' and I was expecting an RGB value or perhaps 'integer/rgb' pairs if key mode is turned on for the smoke gradient. How might I control the smoke color? I have dozens of smoke sims I'd like to vary the smoke value/hues for, and maxscript would save a ton of time.


With FumeFX selected, you can:

showproperties shd

showinterfaces shd.Smoke_Color_Gradient

I hope this helps.

Kresimir Tkalcec
Great - and then how would I change the color of the smoke gradient? I'm presuming I need to add additional maxscript to your above. When I run the above it pipes out a list of functions/commands.

Specifically I'm trying to assign a random smoke color to about 50 smoke sims. Thanks Kresimir!

There isn't a way to set colors directly - you would have to go through the references system, but quick workaround would be:

shd.Smoke_Color_Gradient.SetMode 1
shd.Smoke_Color_Gradient.AddKey 0.001f (color 55 55 55)
shd.Smoke_Color_Gradient.AddKey 0.999f (color 55 55 55)

Kresimir Tkalcec
Thanks Kresimir! Will try that out.

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