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FumeFX 5.0.4 Wind not working for me. [SOLVED]
I installed the 5.0.4 update to try out the wind.

I added the wind item and see the directional plane. When I align it to the direction I want I never see any effect happening.

I made sure I had the fumeFX grid selected when I added the wind. Similar to how you have to have the grid selected when you add a source.

Any help would be great as I definitely need to blow wind on the fire to get the desired effect. I try using gravity to move it but it doesn't feel correct.

Thanks for any help.
Figured it out.

There is a relationship editor icon on the ffxDyna grid shape node. Second row of sim buttons 5th from left.
That will open up a relationship editor like Maya's but it will instead be a Fume FX specific window.

You will then highlight the grid on the left and then the wind on the right to link them.

Thank you for the update and we're glad it's sovled!

Kresimir Tkalcec

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