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Fumefx render element not in Vray Next Frame Buffer
I just updated to 3DS Max 2020, Vray Next 2.x, and FumeFX 5.
I am setting FumeFX Smoke as a render element in Vray Next, but it does not show in the Frame Buffer pulldown menu.

Is this associated with a problem with FumeFX or with Vray Next, or 3DS Max ?

Also, Vray crashes randomly on rendering FumeFX, I have had no problems with Tyflow or Phoenix.
The same fumefx scenes render in scanline without problem.

They've changed quite a lot in VRay 4 and we've asked Chaosgroup for support and if they get back to use, I hope we can create proper VRay integration.
Until then, simulating to a VDB and using VRay VolumeG Grid is the best way to render FumeFX with VRay.


Kreismir Tkalcec

Any news on when render elements are going to start working - I'm in the middle of a rush job and to find that this dosn't work at 4 am when I'm up against it isn't much fun.

They will start working once we get certain code from the Chaosgroup, but so far been waiting for five months...


Kresimir Tkalcec
I've managed to get this looked at by Chaos.

It's entered their bug tracking system with the reference number VMAX-9492

Let's hope we can get it fixed.

- Garry

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