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Var parameters not working?
I have Max 8sp3 with afterburn 3.2a and I noticed that some Var parameters aren't working.
The color and noise related parameters introduce a visible variation but all the shape (size, regularity, squash) and density do not. Now it's been a while since I played with Afterburn on max 7 but I could swear that they all did work.
Try this:
create a PCloud, assign an afterburn effect to it turn on display AB in viewports and change the Var parameter next to size as much as you like. Nothing happens. At first I thought it was just the display mode, but renders show no variation in size too Sad
Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I'm forgettimg to turn something On Sad
Please help.
Var% is not visible in the viewport (we'll change that), but here it looks okay when rendering.
Try to use higher values, like 300% or so.


I must say that this time it worked with extreme values.
Strange because I'm absolutely positive it didn't even after reinstallation. Truth is I didn't restart the system yesterday Smile

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