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Particle Source - Smoke
I was curious how the particle source works when a simulation is simmed. If I sim out a particle source with the smoke channel enabled vs disabled, I get two different results for the fire. Is there a way for the smoke to be simmed based solely on the fire? So if I were to change the amount of smoke it created it would have no effect on the fire?
Joel LeLièvre
FX Generalist
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Hello Joel,

The main difference is probably that the smoke lasts longer then the fire which causes the FumeFX grid to expand more than if you'd simulate the fire only.
With larger adaptive grid, the FumeFX will be able to generate more physically accurate velocity field which will result with different simulations.
If that is the case in your scene, then you might use non-adaptive grid and see if it helps.

Best regards,
Kresimir Tkalcec

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