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Vray Render creates jittery movement
The looks correct with scanline, but in Vray, the entire sim will jitter ever few frames for a single frame. It looks like it mostly jumps downward for a second maybe an inch or so, then jumps back to the correct position. Every seen that behavior before with Vray?

Could you please let us know the FumeFX version and VRay version that you use.
Also, do you use the FumeFX .fxd file format of .f3d / .vdb / VRay volume grid ?

Thank you.

Kreismir Tkalcec
Thank you for your reply;
FumeFX 4.0.5
Vray 3.50.3
FXD files

Any workarounds or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I suggest that you try the FumeFX 4.1 which is the latest version.
However, since FumeFX shader works pretty much the same for Scanline and for Vray I'm not sure what might been going on - sounds like something could be broken in Vray.
Could you please try to render the 3ds max Fire Effect with box gizmo in Vray and see if it'll jump as well ?

Thank you.

Best regards,
Kreismir Tkalcec
Thank you. I ran the fire test and there is no jumping at all.

The Fume sim is inside of a moving train, and so it is possible that it was parented to the train and inheriting its vibrations. I made sure that no parent was in effect and re-ran the sim, the problem seems to have gone away.

Thank you for your help.

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