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3DS MAX 2018 Arnold Support?
Hi! I noticed Autodesk are dropping Mental Ray from 3ds Max 2018 which is due out this month, and have instead bought Arnold and will be shipping it with Max 2018 as a built in renderer. Will FFX4 support this out of the box or will it need a new shader like Mental Ray has?

FumeFX for 3ds max will need a specific Arnold shader, like the one we have for FumeFX for Maya.
We are under the NDA so cannot comment anything, but because of not-our-fault, the FumeFX/Arnold shader for 3ds max will not be available immediately at the 3ds max release.

However, we are very excited to have Arnold renderer in 3ds max as when it comes to volumetrics and GI, Arnold is the best there is and the FumeFX users will benefit from it.
Solidangle has done really amazing work on the Arnold core.

Best regards,
Kresimir Tkalcec
I've never used Arnold, just scanline, MR & Maxwell. I'm looking forward to using Arnold as it looks amazing with great shaders etc. I just hope FFX for Max gets an Arnold shader in the near future. Thanks! Smile
Well, we can at least hope for FumeFX for max 2018 first, then add the shader later on.

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