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No UI in Max 2016 with 3.5.5
In Max 2016, recently installed, after drawing the bounding box, clicking on the UI icon does not bring up the UI. FumeFX is also installed on my Max 2013, and it works fine. Some help please.
No response? Someone must know what the problem is. I sent an email to support but haven't heard from them. In the meantime, FFX is useless. Some help please!
I posted this on Thursday and would have expected an answer by now. After all, 3.5.5 is supposed to eliminate the problem that I am faced with, ie, Max 2016 crashing when I click on the FumeFX button. C'mon, please tell me how to fix this

I supppose that windows opens off the screen.
You can try to rename the FumeFX.ini located inside the /plugins/FumeFX folder to FumeFX.old and then start 3ds max and open FumeFX UI.

If that does not work, you can try to remove it and then re-install it.

Please let us know.

Thank you.

Kresimir Tkalcec

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