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Sim doesn't stick to voidsrc
I'm simming a fast moving object that has a quickly dissipating smoke trail. The adaptive grid begins to extend way past my voidsrc after a few seconds, and what's even more strange is it extends just as much ahead of the movement (where there is absolutely no voxel data).


Attached is a screenshot at the most extreme segment of the simulation. Orange is the animated voidsrc and blue is the adaptive grid. My source is a simple src parented to a node which is on a path constraint. As you can see I'm trying to optimize the sim to only calculate within the camera's cone.

Max steps is set to 4 and the current CFL around that frame is 63.

Velocities must have been very big and it's normal for grid to expand in forward direction.
To force grid to shrink on one side you have to make Void source to cover the whole grid on that side.


Kresimir Tkalcec
How does fumefx adapt the voidsrc?

I have rotation on my voidsrc and I've also altered it's pivot point. If rotated, does fumefx calculate a volume encompassing the entire void src, or does it have some weighted center is sticks to?
If you want it to force FumeFX to shrink the grid then no need for Void Source rotation, etc.. just make it big enough to delete every voxel on the side you want to shrink.

Kresimir Tkalcec

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