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Flicker, flicker plague!
I purchased fume fx quite recently. I attach youtube video that shows my problem:

No matter the shader is gradient/blackbody, no matter multiple scattering is on or off, no matter if shadows are there or not, it always flicker. Before and after retiming by 0.5.
It is harder and harder to make an explosion without flickering. I use genuine fume 4.0.5 and I have latest gpu drivers (nvidia). Cheap fix by restarting scene and render straight away doesn't work.
I attach screen with all fume settings:


What is wrong with my settings? Or plugin itself? I can provide the scene if needed.
I hope its my mistake.
Forgot to add: It flickers both in scanline render and preview animation.
The sim took several hours so it is quite painful experience.

Retiming an explosion like that can cause this almost certainly.

Thank you.

Kresimir Tkalcec
What is the right way to achieve large scale massive explosions, then? Animating time scale and abandon idea of post retiming at all? What are scenarios when retiming may not create flicker? I mean is the retimer valid only for speeding up things?

Fortunately there is a way of doing workaround with stoke and krakaroa velocity field / particles retiming. But then, goodbye multiscater and blackbody shader.Smile

Thanks for answer.

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