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3ds Max 2016 FumeFX Backerburner windows service error
Hi all,

FumeFX is causing 3dsmax to fail launching/rendering when we are running Backburner as a service when users log off as described in this Autodesk article:


The problem stems from running the Backburner serversvc.exe service when no user is logged in to the local machine, the machine will show up in the Backburner monitor, but 3ds Max 2016 fails to launch. We also tested with 3dsmax 2014, and it fails in an identical way. If we log in and start the Backburner service manually, network rendering works fine. The BB server service has been granted admin level log-on credentials, but this doesn't solve the issue.

Through thorough investigation, we have learnt that render slaves which have FumeFX 3.5R 2016 installed fail to render jobs with the following error:

Error: The pipe has ended : 109 3ds Max Adapter error: 3dsmax.exe process no response

We get this error testing a simple max scene containing only a cube primitive with camera using scan-line renderer. (i.e. it doesn't even have FumeFX objects).

Has anyone encountered this problem, and if so is there a known solution to this.

We think that perhaps that some element of the FumeFX licensing/initialisation is causing 3dsmax to stall on loading, and hence the render times out. (FYI: The machines in question are licensed and running a combination of workstation and SL FumeFX license, and we can use FumeFX without issues

Note: we are also using AfterBurn4.1 R2015 (but installed in 3dsmax 2016, as the link to 2016 version actually references the 2015 version).

We were able to solve this by giving user read / write / modify permissions to the FumeFX.ini file located within the 3dsmax plugin directory and installing the latest Windows updates.
Hello Adam,

Thank you for the update and I'm glad that you were able to find the solution.

Kresimir Tkalcec

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