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mixing/compositing fumefx grids
I have a tornado that has a trunk + base grids. Each grid is independent, it's got its own emitters, forces, etc. The two grids are overlapping. My question: how to render these grids so they blend nicely? Notes:
-when I render both grids without setting "Use Maya Volume Sampling", I get some artifacts in the final image, however it renderers really fast (approximately 40 sec)
-when I render both grids using "Use Maya Volume Sampling" + "Auto Volume" in mental ray, I get good results but it takes 15 minutes to render one frame (so it will take a week to render 624 frames)
-if I render each grid alone and stack them in After Effects I get an a "bad" result (my experience in After Effects is limited...)

My question: Is there any way to blend/render these two grids quickly without setting "Use Maya Volume Sampling"? Is it possible to have a good composite of the two grid images in After Effects


Not being a comp expert myself, but I can say that it would be almost impossible to correctly composite volumetric effects based on 2D images only.

Kresimir Tkalcec
thanks...i thought so too.

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