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Update patch question
Hi Guy's,

I wonder if you can help me.

How can I get the latest update patch for Afterburn 3.2 & MAX 8? I purchased Afterburn 3 from Turbosquid back in 2004 and they have sent me updated patches in the past, but not the MAX 8/3.2a one :? .

I have, of course, contacted Turbosquid about this (twice) but they just don't respond, and the latest download available to me on this site is 2.7! Confusedhock:

Do I need to buy an upgrade (3 - 3.2)? Keep trying Turbosquid? Or can I get it from here?

All the best,

Andy D
Thou shalt not kill clients, for they know not what they ask.
I would also like to download the 3.2a patch for Afterburn. What's the best way of doing this? I bought Afterburn as part of Turbo Toolkit 2.
i opened a support ticket on the turbsquid site and got access to link after about an hour.
Just read during the install that this is all that is contained in the update so doesnt appear to fix my problem with HT xeons mentioned here


What is in ver3.2a

Fixed reset problem with Daemons in saved files
Fixed: When AB Combustion has light picked that is disabled, it would crash
Fixed Vmap Daemon

Will leave my machines as they are as i dont want to risk breaking anything.
Hi Paul,

Thanks for the heads up. I've still not heard back from Turbosquid myself :evil:

On the Turbosquid support page it say's " To view the status of Support Requests you have previously submitted, you must be logged in. Click here to login to your account."

So I login and - nothing Sad . I've clicked all the tabs, but can't find the status of my previous requests anywhere!

Am I going mad? Surely the information is there, but I just can't see it! :oops:
Thou shalt not kill clients, for they know not what they ask.
Sure would be easier to pull updates from afterworks.

I have had to wait a few days for turbosquid to reply too...
I have sent an email to TS to see what is going on with their ACAP customers support.


Andy et al -

Kreso contacted me this morning regarding what appears to be some mis-communications between TS and the Afterworks users. Obviously I take any complaints on slow support very seriously and would like to get to the bottom of this ASAP so that you guys get what you need in terms of updates.

Just as a preface, I would ask that no user submit a support request to either the support@ or mailto:dcpsupport@turbosquid.com email addresses. They are going to be turned off at the end of this month due to an insane amount of spam and virii that made them impossible to manage. If any of you have submitted to either of these addresses, there is a good chance that your request got lost in the mass of other stuff that has clogged those accounts.

Instead, we have created an online support form (http://www.turbosquid.com/support), where you can log bugs or send requests (under General Turbo Squid Issue) that my staff will handle. This has prevented people from slipping through the cracks of email, and creates a numerical ticket inside of our infrastructure that cannot be deleted or removed and can be tracked by management personnel like me.

It will show on the URL above as part of your TS account history when you are logged in. Attached is an image from my own account that shows a single submitted support ticket in the support home page and its status. If you log into your account and go to the Support page and don't see any tickets listed, it means you haven't submitted one for us to handle or review.

[Image: TSAccount.jpg]

My staff does monitor the support accounts over the weekends, but responses can be a bit longer than during normal business hours. However, update links requests for AfterBurn or DreamScape are incredibly simple to handle and can be generated within an hour or so of the request. To make the process faster, please be SURE to submit your product serial number when you send in your request, as this is a verification check for my staff. If it is not provided, then we respond to the support ticket with a request for that information.

If you have submitted a support request and have a ticket ID that is still outstanding - please send me a personal email at bperschall 'AT' turbosquid 'DOT' com so that I can review them immediately and get you taken care of ASAP. If you're not sure about your Turbo Squid account, send me an email (same email as above) with your TS login name only (NO passwords please) so I can review your account.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Turbo Squid, Inc.
The World in 3D
Many ThanksSmile

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