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Afterburn Wishlist
Here are some stuff I've collected which I wish the next afterburn version would have:

[*]Box3 (ADM) support. (currently in the works! woohoo!)
[*]Box3 (ADM) access to Afterburn Noise Types (maybe via integer channels?).
[*]Controls for Local X Y Z Drifts.
[*]Axial Attenuation - Falloff by Axis (e.g. A Gradient Fallouff from top to buttom.)
[*]AFC support for Drifts.
[*]AFC Expression Variables: T, F, S, NT.
[*]Aburn Atmospheric Gizmo - Sort of like an independent gizmo object that can be directly turned into an AfterBurn volume. It may include typical particle channels as parameters (like keyframable Age) that may directly transfer to the AfterBurn atmospheric. This can be usefull during times when you simply just wanna add that extra cloud without modifying your current particle setup.
[*]Tabbed Rollouts similar to FumeFX.
[*]Opacity - Currently, the Density paramter is the closest thing we have to controlling the opacity, but the density does not always seem to linearly fade out whenever animating it.
[*]Be affected by GI.
[*]Multiple Scattering.
[*]Maxscript - Display on Viewport.
[*]Maxscript - Interpolation Controller Dialog Parameters (e.g. Obejct Distance Minimum Parameter, or Object Distance Node set/access).
[*]Voxel Conversion - Have a Voxel Box encompassing the AfterBurn particles and process those to generate voxel data. This can be usefull to maybe have a beter preview in the viewports. This may also be used by FumeFX to advect the volume, possibly
[*]Option to save shadow maps to file.
[*]Afterburn Shader Displacement - use 3d noise maps to displace the shader - maybe via Daemons?
[*]Bend Daemon[/list]
Jeff Lim
Hi Jeff,

Thank you for the wishlist.
It is greatly appreciated.

Kreismir Tkalcec

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