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3ds max 2014 occasional Crash on Render
I'm currently having a problem rendering high res fumefx sims. Max has no problems rendering my test sims. But now I have a high res sims where my files are around 2 gigs max will most likely crash after it load the file for rendering.
It usually goes like this I open my scene press render and 9 out of 10 times the render will go through. But if I try to render a second time during the same max session 9 out of 10 times it will crash.
This happens when I try to render in Vray or Scanline. I don't think its my memory cause I have 28gb and I can render other stuff which needs a lot of memory without a problem.

I also tried using a clean scene and a new simulation in a new fumefx grid. As soon as the files get big max is becomming more crash happy.

My System is
CPU Intel Xeon X5680 @3.33ghz
28 GB Ram
Using windows 7 3ds max 2014 and fumefx 3.5.2

Help would be appreciated Smile

Can you please let me know how many voxels are there on the last cache that renders?
Anything else in the scene, like RenderWarps, etc.. ?

Thank you

Kresimir Tkalcec
Thanks Kresimir for the response.
Sorry do you mean my grid size with how many voxels?
If so the size for the high res sim is: 1019x550x530
Low Res was around : 333x180x173

And no I don't use any render warps.


Sometimes the memory fragmentation can occur, but it seems that you have plenty of computer memory for rendering that grid so it shouldn't matter.
I suggest that you keep the Task Manager opened and keep an eye on the memory allocation and de-allocation.
Without the scene and cache it is hard to tell what might went wrong.

Thank you.


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