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Network render problem with truncated jobs.
When i send a job on the render farm, my settings are currently to split up the job by chunks of 25 frames. i'd say 75% of the tasks are missing the first frame of each chunk when rendering with the Channel Data shader ("temperature" in my case). So frame 50, 75, 100, 125, 150... is missing and need to be rendered again locally or the tasks need to be reset to render these specific frames. So i'm guessing when it starts the task Max or FFX fails to load the FFX object on the first frame. I noticed also that when working with FFX and channel data shader, when i switch from the Standard shader to the Channel Data, it does not update the viewport nor the FFX preview window, i need to scroll up or down one frame to see the change.

ANy idea how to fix my problem, i have a lot of renders to send out to my renderfarm and not enough time to go fix every single job manually.

Kresimir, i know you must be crazy busy at the moment with the upcoming new release, but i could really use a little help with these matters, I'm on my own on this one, no TD guru around to fix those for me at the moment Smile~


I have put this on the bug list and will try to reproduce as soon as possible and let you know.


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