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!!! FumeFx on Render Farm with 3dsMax !!!
Hi, I am trying to setup FumeFX on a render farm with 3dsMax and I heard that I cannot use 3dsMax in render only mode for rendering frames with FumeFX... Is that right??? That means I need a full license of 3dsMax to be able to render with FumeFX even if I had licenses of MentalRay for FumeFX?

Your help would be really appreciated.
You should be able to "render", not "simulate", on render slaves by installing the SL version. If you need to use the network simulation features, you will need to authorize the SL version also for that purpose. If i recall well we got 2 im license with the purchase of a full FumeFx workstation license.
thank you for your answer, but my question is not about the license of FumeFX, I am talking about 3dsMax...
Is it possible to render a scene who has some FumeFX with 3dsMax in render-mode without a Full License of 3dsMax? In other words, did FumeFX required a FULL LICENSE of 3dsMax to render?

FumeFX does not require authorization for network rendering with renderers other than mental ray.


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