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Network sim and rendering questions
I'm bumping into issues sending out sim and render jobs to render slaves.

- It happened that when i sent for say 250 to be simulated on a render slave, the sim would crash at frame 240 for instances, so almost completed... Deadline/BackBuner will requeue the task and unfortunately FumeFx does not "resume" the job and start the sim again from frame 240... it starts from scratch again over and over again, crashing at the same frame eventually or an other. Not sure why the crash occurs, i think it's a "time out" problem which might be resolved by now. But i would like to know how to force FumeFX to "resume" sims on a render slave.

- Also, bit of a noob's question, but can anyone please dissect the workflow to use the "illumination map" and "Multi-Scattering", cause so far, i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong but it's what's eating the most render time on the jobs.

- Also, I'm not sure why, but as soon as i drop a Void Src in a sim, almost everything disappears?! And i had in mind that it was just making the sim process lighter by skipping the unused area of the grid (the one the void source covers).

PS: please don't ask me for a file, i'd appreciate you throwing some ideas in here, i can't send a file at this time Smile



Sorry, but it's not possible to continue sim on the BBurner.
IM and MS usually take the most of your frame rendering time, but you can reduce quality and gain a boi more speed.
Not sure what your Void Source settings are, but it can erase everything in the grid depending on parameters.


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