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Crash when retiming/optimizing cache
I have simulated the default and wavelet without problems but when I try to retime/optimize it it max crashes every time. I do not think it is lack of memory, the simulation is not that highres. The largest WT file is 91 934 KB and I have 12gb ram and i7 920 quadcore processor.

I have attached the max scene. Could someone please take a look at it and see if you can figure out what is wrong?

Gratefull for any helpSmile
I have had feedback from others that have tested the scene and they get the same crash.
The post/retime sim. crashes at frame 41 everytime.

It seems to crash when using retime and the wavelet cache file gets to be about 100 mb. If I turn off retime, everything works fine.
A user at Autodesk's Area suggested it might it have to do with trying to interpolate between files that large...?

But surely I should be able to use retime with files much larger than 100mb?

Looking at the memory req. presented on the FumeFX UI, I'd say that you left out of memory as Retimer requires around twice memory as the simulation.


Ok, but when I run WT sim. from default it states about 2300 MB needed, so when retiming this that should require about
5000 MB.
That is still nowhere near my 12GB limit...

Of course when you're in WT cache playback mode and post simulation it states the memory needed to be around 22000 MB but from what I can see this is related to the detail spinner in the WT rollout.
If I lower the WT detail to 1 then I'm back to about 2300 mb and the detail spinner for WT should not influence post simulation once your post simulating from the WT cahce, should it?

Anyway the largest WT cahce file is about 100 MB, surely I should be able to retime much larger files with 12GB of RAM?
Did you get a chance to poen the Task Manager and look exactly at how much memory was used ?
I will see if I can find anything.

Thank you

Yes, about 4 GB. Also the others who have testet the scene never exceeded 4,5 GB.

Thanks for helping Smile

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