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network sim: full version of Max needed?
I'm setting up network simming on 4 render nodes. Max is installed on those nodes, but never opened. Do I need a fully licensed version of Max to do network simulations?
Max license is required.
The docs could've mentioned this somewhere before I bought the licenses. Preferably in large friendly type.
So this is pretty useless on the render farm then, and it will still tie up my artists' workstations. And on top of that, I'll have to constantly re-authorize either Full or Sim versions, depending on the need. What a joke... can't there be a launcher which will launch Max in "render-only" mode, and only use the simulation plugin? So it can be used for simming on a render farm, like other professional-grade software?

FumeFX uses lots of 3ds max features while performing simulation and thus 3ds max request a license - it does not depend on us at all.

I will see with Autodesk if there is a way to change this.

As for FumeFX/SL licenses - they can all reside on your license server machine so you really do not need to "move" them around all the time.

Thank you.


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