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Setting up a network license server
Are there any instructions for setting up a network license server?
I installed AFLICS on my server, but how do I add my licenses to it?
And of course, this is an emergency, and I need to get FumeFX working ASAP with a floating license, on 2 artist machines and 4 render nodes for network simulation.
There should be a help file AfterFLICS.chm in AFLICS installation folder.

Check the "Network authorization" chapter.

Setup is done via 3ds max when creating FumeFX grid for the first time.
You can also find help file in
Start Menu -> Program Files -> Sitni Sati -> AfterFLICS Help
I read the help file before posting the message, and found it fairly unhelpful...
Figured out what you described above a bit later yesterday after some tinkering, but thanks anyway for the reply.
I find that FumeFX documentation leaves a lot to the imagination.

If you could please let me know specifically which parts of the manual are not explained well I would really appreciate your help.
We're always happy to receive user feedback and do our best to improve software and documentation as well.

Thank you


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