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Problem with Mental Ray
Does afterburn works with Mental Ray?
Thank you for your answer.
No, AB does not work with mental ray.


Will it ever support mental ray?

I recieved a e-mail a while ago (before I purchased afterburn) stating that you were working on support for mental ray.

kind regards
Compatibility with MR was always on our list, but it is not a top priority as there are other excellent renderes for 3ds max that are natively supported.


That's true, there are other renderers. In my case, however, I need to do a lot of fisheye rendering. The only ones available are MR, Vray and finalrender. I no longer have final render, but I believe MR and Vray are incompatible with AB.
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I bet for MR-Fusionworks compatibility, too.
Ah.. It doesn't matter that there are other excellent renderers out there. You try learning them all and shell out the money. Frankly, the renderer is more important then AB. Hence, AB is thrown to the waste side all to often because it's not compatible with the renderer. And Sitni thus looses sales.

That is an honest reply. Sad

I appreciate honest reply, but at the moment, compatibilty with MR is like asking compatibility with Maya or XSI.
MR is a stand alone app and it's integration with 3ds max goes through Autodesk.
We are waiting for Autodesk to add support for atmospherics.

When they do, we will be looking for a way to add support to FusionWorks, so all our plug-ins
will render with MR as well.

Thank you

AB works best with vray, as it can be motion-blurred
and matted with opacity maps.

All the renderer will only be able to 2d Mblur atmospherics.. Fr does it as well as vray .. not sure about Brazil..
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