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Fume Preview Win7x64
what are the secret setting to get a preview of my simulated fume done in Win7x64 ???
making preview stops after few frames and is not going through the whole animation.
is there some intelligent code behind telling me, my sim is shit anyways and I don't need to see it all, or what is the point in making preview that is just few frames long..???

sorry to be sarcastic at this point but what the hell ? Tongue :R

Win7x64, NVidia 540M, 16Gig RAM, Fume 2.1
Hey Bandu,

Do you use Full Frames (Uncompressed)?

This is the only codec I get to always work when I make previews in 2.1.

Do you have correct preview range, correct preview output folder, right codec as jrand suggested ?
What codec do you use and how does "make preview" ends - any error messages, etc ?

Thank you.

Hi Kresimir,

let me describe in detail what is happening.
When I try to make a preview, all setting like time range and other "basic settings" are correct!, quality is set to 5, fume starts making preview. After few frames but not the whole simulated range it just stops. The main window of max gets refreshed and making preview stops.
shit Aero is turned OFF and all other Windows setting are set to performance, so no funky transparency or other bullshit is turned on!

Other thing is, sometimes something similar is happening on simulation.
The main window of MAX and the Fume windows, like preview window and settings widow falling into some king loop, refreshing them self over and over again.

(By refreshing I mean the rebuild of the graphics and fonts. Think of what happens if you drag one window over another, this in background gets updated/refreshed.)

MAX window goes white, then refreshes, after this fume window refreshes, than MAX window again, after than fume again and so on for ever...
When this happens, simulation gets blocked and is somehow waiting for the program windows to finish refreshing.
It is not happening all the time but very often.

BTW, can't the preview be made in background without displaying it in viewport?

one another fancy behavior I've noticed...

before making preview I resize the preview window to bigger size, the standard size of 120 pixels in with or whatever it is, is realy not enough.
So... I go to menu "make preview", click it and the preview window disappear, new preview window opens in the middle of my screen but gees what... right, this one is the standard small size again!
This happens more often if I start making preview being on some further frame than the first one of my simulation, for example I look at frame 20 when the sim starts at frame 1.

Hello Bandu,

Thank you for report. I have not seen this issue yet, but will keep it on the bug list and try to find a way to reproduce it.


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