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Dreamscape and Mental Ray
I had assumed for a long time that DS has no support for Mental Ray. But the DS Sun has MR rollouts when you go to the modify panel after making them... so I was curious if there is some MR support? I certainly haven't gotten DS to render with MR.

I have some landcape scenes that need rendered... and using MR would be a lot better than scanline because of the foilage... It would be nice to have MR support soon.
Shawn Olson
Product Owner for 3ds Max PM team @ Autodesk
Developer @ Wall Worm and Black Mesa

MR rollouts for lights are automatically added by 3ds max.
For now, no plans for DS/MR shader.

I've noticed older threads suggesting that MR rendering would be incorporated in the future, at least if there seemed to be any interest... So, I just wanted to throw my vote in as a customer who would LOVE to see this plugin work with Mental Ray.

Honestly, when I bought this, I made the mistake of assuming this plugin worked with Mental Ray. Since all my scenes use mostly MR materials and all my lighting is MR, this came as quite a blow.

In the meantime, I guess I need to learn how to use After Effects and start doing some major compositing.

Unfortunately the mental ray shader for DreamScape won't happen as it is not a trivial task.

Kresimir Tkalcec

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