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AB & Max201 32 & 64 render farm installs
I have to install AB on the render farm again. What is the easiest way to accomplish this. My workstation is still a 32 bit XP box. But I need to have the 64 bit version of AB on all of my render nodes as well as the 32 bit version.

Since my main box is 32 bit I don't have an install to copy files from. If that is the method. Also, if I just use the AB installer on the render nodes it installs a service which I know I don't need.

Do I just copy the Afterworks folder from my main workstation to the same place on all the render nodes? That's fine. But what about the 64 bit install that I need on all the machines in case I want to launch 64 bit renders?



You should install one installation from installer (say 32-bit) and the other (64-bit) one form the mi file (don't forget to change plugin.ini as well).


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