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Random crash with multiple PF source
I got a situation. I have three PF source, each have its own Position Object node and ABurn node, I got random crash during ABMap calculation, I tried a lot of way debugging it with no success, they crash in different frame number. I can render out each of them separately without problem, so I think maybe the particle count is to much (around 5k), but then I try grouping all three position object into one PF source and adjust accordingly the amount of particles, it render without problem. But of course I lost individual control.

The 3 original particle system and AB setup are very similar, I separated them just for fine tuning things. What is the possible cause of this problem?

Thanks in advanced.
I noticed that the problem is not multiple PF source.

Even I have only one PF source, if I split the particles into 2 event (say with a split amount node) and give each event its own ABurn node, crash...

This really make me unable to do anything in my current project...

Hope the developer will look into it ASAP. I can provide demo file if necessary.

Windows 7 64bit
12G Ram
Afterburn 4d

Thank you for sending a scene. I will get back to you by email.


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