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Godzilla flame
Hi all-

I'm very new to fumefx and still trying to figure out all of it's nuances. The software I am using is Max 2009 and Vray 1.5. I need to create a flame shooting out of Godzilla's mouth and I'm not sure if how I am doing it is best. What I have done is put a super spray particle emitter in his mouth and connected it to fumefx.

[Image: Question02.jpg]

So I have a couple of questions.

1- I have been trying to get rid of some stepping I see in the flame. No matter what I do I can't mininmize that. Does anybody have any suggestions? Could that stepping be coming from my emitter???? See image below:

[Image: Question01.jpg]

2- The flame seems to be flying off in chunks when it hits an object. Could this also be coming off of the emitter? When I run the particle simulation for super spray the particles bounce off the type a bit. Is there a better way of achieving this than using a super spray emitter? See image below:

[Image: Question03.jpg]

3- Anticipating what the client may say what would be a method if I wanted to thicken up the flame? Imagine the flame is a consistent 12 inches wide throughout the blast. Almost like if the flame was a log that did not taper. What should be a good method for achieving that look?

Here are my settings:

[Image: QuestionSettings-01.jpg]

Any help/guidance would be HIGHLY appreciated.

Thank you for your time,
try turning up your Maximum Simulation Steps from 1 to 3 or so to get rid of the stepping
Maybe try upping your time scale to around 3 and your expansion to 2
Also turn off the fluid mapping! you arent even using it in the render settings. Its just making your files 10x-20x larger!
Jordan Walsh
VFX Technical Director

Showreel 2012
Check out my scripts on ScriptSpot!

You can try to align FumeFX grid with the flame direction and use gravity vector as it seems you voxels are very big.

Jordan and Kresimir, thanks for the tips! They were both very helpful.


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