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ui window problem
hi there,

i just installed fume 2.1a and with max 2011 on a new laptop with windows 7.
my problem is that once i make a fume grid and open the ui it looks as usual but as soon as i want to move the window somewhere else it gets "cut". i attached a screenshot.
problem is that i cant scale it back or work with it anymore.
any help is greatly appreciated.
thank you.
Switch your:
Control Panel->All Control Panel Items->Display
Font settings back to smaller 100% (default) the problem should go away.

If you want to adjust your font size do it from:
Control Panel->All Control Panel Items->Personalization->Window Color and Appearance
Then choose the Advanced appearance settings

I will try to fix that bug for FumeFX 2.1b.


thanks for your replies, but that text size tip did not fix it.
my default size was 125%, not 100. i guess thats some hp thing, with my 15 inch display being full hd, so maybe they changed the default text.
i changed it to 100 % anyway and that did not help.
any other suggestions, or just wait for 2.1b ?
kresimir, any clue when you will release it?
Hmm, that is a bummer, is HP using any desktop management software on your machine? A few of our edit stations are HP, they are workstations and they shipped with some of there management software, needless to say we did clean OS installs on them.

That 99.9% of the time that is the issue. Try maybe creating a new default scheme, HP may have something weird going on. So hard to say for sure with so many different hardware configs out there.
2.1b will be out in January...
Your issue is defintitely about font size. As jrand suggested, there is maybe
some other place where it is set.

I wanted to let you know that this bug is fixed and you can send me an email to support@afterworks.com writing your 3ds max version and you will get a patch.

Thank you.

i will do that.
thanks a lot for your help!

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