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FumeFX SL installation question

There might be some changes in installation and we are looking for your feedback.
The general idea is to remove SL as a separate installation.
Instead, during the installation, user will choose weather they want to install Full or SL.
This choice will be written to the FumeFX.ini file and used by FumeFX to determine in what regime to operate.
Changes in ini file will determine weather FumeFX will start in a Full mode or SL mode.

Thank you,

Moving to a single install sounds like a great idea!
Would there be an option to use whichever license type is available (Full or SL)?
That way if an artist is working on a Fume scene, launches 3 versions of the sim to the network, then starts a local NON-Fume render to go overnight and leaves, there would be one free Full license available. If all the networked machines are limited to only use the SL license, the 3rd available license would not get used and the 3rd sim would have to wait for one of the first 2 to finish.
Imho, ANY machine should be able to grab whatever license is not in use, but there should be a preference option in the ini file, so you can set which license it tries to get first.
Does that make sense?

I moved here from Canada, and they think I'm slow, eh.

That is a good idea to allow FumeFX during the Netwolrk sim to ask for Full license if no SLs are available. I will look into that.

Thanks for feedback.

Finally Smile

Just to clarify, I don't think the installer should ask for the version at all.
Install both:
- whenever a user wants to run FFX the full version is run searching for a full license
- whenever a network render is trying to run FFX it should run the SL version
- and yes the SL version should search for SL licenses but when there is none and there is a spare Full license, use it Smile

Isn't that simpler?

Come to think of it - why are we having two versions?
Can't there be a single FFX version (single plugin file more importantly) that would fire in one of the two modes under conditions stated above?
Just the system administrator in me talking Wink

That make sense, but it makes authorization a bit different as
user will have to go specifically to FumeFX FULL About box to authorize SL version and cannot authorize SL locally as FULL UI will always pop up the you select it.

Maybe to always install FULL and write in help file that you need to tweak ini file to
make FumeFX work in SL mode. It seems there isn't a straightforward way to do it.

You got me here Wink Don't really know what you mean by authorization.

If the process of checking for available license, then:
As I understand the license for a plugin is checked as soon as the plugin is called, so there is no time for FFX to change to SL mode if required?

How about a nolicense initialisation plugin that will be called when FFX is called now. The plugin doesn't need a license because it doesn't do anything for the user itself (you can distribute it free). It's like a .bat file to run FFX but first it determines which version to run.
Just shooting blind here since I have no idea how DCPlics works Smile

If the first licensing process to actually install the license, then:
I don't understand the problem - I have never authorized SL locally - we have a license server. So when I authorize FFX I also paste in the SL serials, and the resulting authorization code authorizes all three licenses, no?
Imagine you want to authorize your SL license locally and you have no license locally (it's some machine on the network).. then, each time you run FumeFX, authorization dialog for Full version will pop up.

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