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Chrashing/Bug ?
my problem is the Afterburn build-in Previewers.

The external Previewwindow and the windows in the Noise-Shape-Params.
When they are activated Max freezes when i do changes in the Afterburnparameters. I´ve tried different Videodrivers, but this didn´t help.
Should i dismiss the Prewievers ?
After the last freeze because of that Max didn´t start anymore. I´ve tried everything but i hat to reinstall.

Best wishes
Dominik Diener
Hello Dominik,

Can you please let me know:

- AfterBurn version
- 3ds max version
- OS

- so that we can try to reproduce.

Thank you,

Thanks for watching the Topic !

- AfterBurn 3.2
- 3ds max 8 SP2
- WinXP-home SP2
- For the case that it doesmatter: GeforceFX5600ultra,

Best wishes
Dominik Diener
I have tested it here on a fresh AfterBurn entry on a Win XP Pro and it is working okay. Are there maybe some special AfterBurn parameters in your case that could cause this ?

I have had the same problem of crashing when using the noise shape viewer window.

Running maax 8 sp1
Win XP64
Quadro FX 4500

The solution was to switch to Direct X, instead of software or open Gl.
Have not had ythis issue since.
No, all of the parameters were at their defaults. Turning the Prewiev on and THEN changing parameters results in a crash (at the moment of changing something).


I run on OpenGL (because the others give not such a nice Vievportquality/-performance)

Thanks your both and best wishes
Dominik Diener

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