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'Exporting Channels' - MXS Access?

is there access to control which channels are exported in the "Output \ Exporting Channels" list?

Negative, Ive been askin for this,

There could be a work around tho, if extradetailtype = 2 emnables wavlet and adds the channels nessessary to export...

You can save them all then run a post cache that excudes the unessessary channels

What is the situation atm?

thanks, Andrew

am trying to setup a quick sim switcher to control "low-res rough vs. high-res with all channels".

I can use the Load/Save Settings but was hoping for more control.

will ask them to add support for this...
Exactly what I would do, enabling/disabling the channels you want would give you the add/remove function.


theGrid.EnableFuel =
theGrid.EnableSmoke =
theGrid.FuelCreatesSmoke =
theGrid.ExtraDetailType = 0=None 1=Fluid Mapping 2=Wavelet
theGrid.Exclude_Velocity =

I can't find a switch for Temp, there may not be one.
thanks jrand

and temp... will poke around, thanks

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