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Cubic interpolation Question
Hi! Kresimir, Rif ( I know you r here) Big Grin

I should have asked this in Cgfluid but while reading all the posts here I just realized that I don't know " Excact usage of Cubic interpolation" check box.

In some posts, people say " turn on cubic that will help!", "need cubic activate!" cubic ! cubic!

I go through the manual saying " need high quality , Turn on" "less dissipation and more swirls"

When do I need to check Cubic? and Why? , for me if I need more swirl, I simply lower advection, high vorticity. the reason I don't check Cubic is because I don't know well about Cubic usage.

would you please explain more detail about Cubic so I can use it well on the need and excact situation.

really curious about that!

Thanks!. oh. I want fume v2.0!! it will be on my hand soon.

Rif ? Should I double post this on Cgfluid ?
(The Host2 Teaser has finished. I work distruction stuff with TP3.0. hehe)

Cubic interpolation is considered to produce sharper results when compared to linear interpolation and thus reducing dissipation.
FumeFX 2.1 will come with improved cubic interpolation compared to FumeFX's previous builds.


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