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Rendering engine question for FumeFX

We have a motion blur probleme, when I render fumeFX with matted object the motion blur is way off with the other image rendered.
Our pipeline is on Softimage and we are rendering with 3delight. I've tryied using scanline and mental ray, but the motion blur doesnt match Softimage 3delight.

Maybe finalRender is going to be more acurate?


Eric Senécal
Lead FX Artist
Hello Eric,

You can render velocity output with render element so you can do motion blur in post.
Would that work for you ?


Do test renders of both scenes.

render out your matte geo with a standard shader without fume , without motionblur and see if that lines up to the 3delight render in comp. Line up, meaning , not completely off.

That's the first step I always do. If it looks correct, then turn on motion blur and start testing. Every renderer is different with it's shutter angles. It could be 90 degree or 180 degree, center point etc.

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