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'backburner retime simulation' problem
Though backburner default simming works, does 'post processing - retiming'? When a slave picks up the 'post processing - retime' job, it just skips over the simulation retime step and starts rendering frames.

--max2008 64bit
--windows xp 64bit
--16gb ram
--fumefx 2.0 standard and also SL
--local and also on network slave

Make sure that you have BB button enabled, that path is accessible and writable .
Also, in BB mode, retimer does not shows up a dialog, which is now fixed for upcoming FumeFX 2.1.
I have discovered few other retimer bugs, but nothing that should prevent it from simming.


Hi Kresimir,

Thanks very much for the speedy reply. It was the dialog box not being visible. My test sim was so fast, it looked like it was entirely skipping the step ;]

Btw, for all you who might be running Avast anti-virus (for WinXP64bit), I've noticed that sometimes it blocks the sim job and it fails - still looking into it.

Best regards,
Hi Brian,

Thanks for report. Let me know what you find out about anti virus software issue.


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