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FumeFX Birth Operator Particle Limit
While I am at this, could you guys tell me the birth particle limit to the pFlow FumeFX Birth operator or if indeed there is a limit?

Thanks Smile
There is a limit and it's set by PFlow.

"Particle system has
an upper limit of a total number of particles in the system. At each moment of time
particle system is able to calculate the current number of particle in the system and
how many particles are allowed to be generated to not exceed the limit threshold. Birth and
Spawn Operators use this method to find out how many particles they are allowed to generate"

Ok, I wasn't sure if there was an operator imposed limit or it if was system based.

As of 2009 extension pack the limit was raised to 1 billion particles per source (64-bit max).

So I assume the the FFX Birth will let me born 1 billion particles. Is that correct?
It should allow you as it reads the limit value form the PF itself.
If it does not allow you, FumeFX and I will have a little talk Smile


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