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Co-Development Relationship With Cebas
Co-Development Relationship With Cebas
cebas VISUAL TECHNOLOGY Inc. and Sitni Sati d.o.o. Announce a Long Term Co-Development Relationship

Zagreb, Croatia, August 10th 2010

A unique agreement between cebas and Sitni Sati was formed in order to build next generation effects tools and rendering solutions for their customers. Both companies are well established software developers, creating advanced solutions for the 3D animation and visualization market. Renowned for delivering state of the art technology solutions for their customers, this close co-development agreement emphasizes their intention to deliver even better performance and functionality by using both product lines together.

Sitni Sati has contributed several thinkingParticles’ software components based on thinkingParticles’ fully procedural animation and effects approach. There is no other fluid effects solution available in the market that offers such tight integration and procedural control for fluid effects as offered by thinkingParticles and FumeFX.

[Image: fR.jpg]

Animation Showing FumeFX 2.1 rendered in finalRender 3.5 with full GI for Indirect Illumination effects throughout the volume.

Kresimir Tkalcec, CEO of Sitni Sati says:

"We have great collaboration with cebas Visual Technology. Direct connection with their software engineers makes it possible to readily obtain in-depth finalRender and thinkingParticles API information, as well as first line support, when it comes to problem solving. In the months to come, we will be working on increasing FumeFX’s global illumination speed as well as direct motion blur support for finalRender. FumeFX fluid dynamics combined with thinkingParticles has already resulted in outstanding visual effects for films like “2012,” “Alice In Wonderland”, Red Cliff” and many other titles."

This latest co-development between both companies concentrates on enhancing the interaction between their new upcoming releases of finalRender R3.5 and FumeFX 2.1, a powerful fluid dynamics engine, designed for simulating and rendering photo-realistic fire, smoke, explosions and other gaseous phenomena. Thanks to this mutual cooperation in developing software, users are able to experience massive enhancements in image quality and rendering speed when using FumeFX and finalRender R3.5 together, in a production environment. A blazing speed improvement of 600% is achievable by using finalRender R3.5 and FumeFX 2.1 with Global Illlumination lighting effects.

[Image: finalRender.jpg]

Image Showing FumeFX 2.1 rendered in finalRender 3.5 with full GI for Indirect Illumination effects throughout the volume.

Edwin Braun, CEO cebas VISUAL TECHNOLOGY Inc. remarks:

“I’m thrilled we are able to announce this great new relationship and agreement between Sitni Sati and cebas VISUAL TECHNOLOGY; these are exciting times for both of our customers and companies! At last, we are able to enhance the atmospheric rendering effects by a magnitude within 3ds Max, an area that has been ignored for a long time by the development team of Autodesk. Communicating directly with the development team at Sitni Sati exchanging new programming hooks and fixes in a matter of minutes, is just great and motivates us to invent even more amazing new features. FumeFX is the fluid effects standard on 3ds Max and we are happy to be the Company offering the best performing rendering solution for both products”

About Sitni Sati

Sitni Sati Ltd., founded in 1999, quickly has become recognized in the field of VFX software development. Innovative ideas and extensive research of natural phenomena resulted in FumeFX, praised as one of the fastest and most flexible CG fluid dynamics simulation systems available on any platform.

Dedication to constantly improving their software and usage of the latest technology available, has helped narrow the barrier between reality and CG imagery. Sitni Sati software was used in the production of such films as “Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” “X-Men: Wolverine,” “Iron Man,” “Armageddon,” Matrix Reloaded” and more.

To learn more about Sitni Sati, please visit their website at: http://www.afterworks.com

Contact Information:


Developing and offering market-leading 3D effects software and 3D Laser Scanning services for 22 years, cebas Visual Technology Inc., has gained extraordinary technological prowess and extensive knowledge of the 3D and VFX industries.

Based on a solid line-up of growing products and services, cebas Visual Technology Inc. offers many production solutions for 3D Effects Studios as well as CAD or Visualization Design companies. cebas software is used every day in award winning movie productions, digitally produced games and architectural design presentations, enabling their global customers to
achieve complex photo-realistic visual effects. Movies like “Alice in Wonder Land”, “The Last Air Bender”, “GI Joe”, “Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Jonah Hex,” and "Spider Man," all utilize cebas’ software to drive prominent 3D and special effects scenes.

To learn more about cebas, please visit their website at: http://www.cebas.com

Contact Information :

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