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Tips for Curling, Swirling, Twisting and Twirling Smoke?

Am looking for help creating continuous loop-de-loop twirling & swirling of smoke.... want it to keep its momentum.... like the Vortex spacewarp.... but traveling along with the smoke as it moves.... e.g. inertia....

Hey man,

The way I do this kind of stuff is use geometry and particles to control the velocites...its tricky

also you can make the custom forces....soon as I have time I want to be able to set the velocities based on a spline...sort of like path follow. In that fume maxscript thing.

Hope this helps man.....
thanks, Andrew

yeah, tried geo and particles, and was thinking of trying to work out something with a Fume script... but sadly no dev time - last minute shot. Am going to try a few things and then give a go in RF 5 just for comparison sake...

if any other input or suggestions, please feel free!

I don't know if this is the kind of thing you are after but I was playing with some swirl effects earlier this year. I'd be happy to share the files if needed.

Dude adding an emitter that dumps cold temperature in to the grid. Have your smoke hot, then just cold "air", really stirs shit up mad styles. Ill post apreview soon

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