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FymeFX source questions
I'm having trouble getting anything useful out of this source.

I simulated one grid.
Created another one - they interpenetrate - both simulations occupy the same space.
Created the FFX source, picked the first grid as source, positioned the source icon and scaled it so that I'm sure the first simulation occupies the volume inside the source.
All values are read from the source grid.
I simulate the second grid and the only thing I can see is the fuel comming from the first simulation, no fire, no smoke ?

1. Does the FFX source icon need to be inside the second simulation grid - do the dimensions and position of the icon matter at all?

2. If I don't read the values just Set them - should it work like a simple source?
I set all values to the defaults of a simple source, simulated and got nothing - no fuel, no fire, no smoke

3. Which grid do the source controllers in FFX source reference - the source grid or the simulation grid (like all other sources)

Make sure that you have exported all those channels from the first grid.
Without the file, I'm not sure what other problems could be.

1. source icon has to be inside both grids.
2. that is correct. in that case it is like simple source
3. look at this source as a simple source, but with values obtained from the source FumeFX grid.

Attached is example.
Change for both grids output paths.
Simulate FumeFX01 first and then FumeFX02

I hope that helps.

Seems to work now, thanks.
Don't know what I missed earlier :o

I still have a problem.
I thought that I could read in the Velocity channel and have an effect like wind from another simulation.

I took your scene, added the velocity channel, simmed Grid 1, then rotated it 45 deg, and simmed grid 2 with FFX source set to Read velocity only (other channels disabled) and the simple source.

Now it seems that velocity has no effect but all other channels get cleared from the volume of FFX source, see image.
[Image: 31499714.jpg]

I have that same problem. the adaptive grid always overwrites all channels to 0.0 int the simming grid.

I aslo just want to get the velocities form that other grid. but I also can not get any other channels form the grid.
so I opened the file you gave us as example Kreso, and it works fine. at least it looks like it does Wink
but when you place a simple source right next to the fumeFxSource, you can see the overwriting happening.

You will need to export velocities to be able to use them.
Hope that works for you.


I did. the thing is the adaptive grid does overwrite the values of the simulating grid. the image above shows it how everything becomes black( the black corner)
could you please supply an example scene when simulation grid A is influenced by the velocity channel of Simulation grid B?
Get the one from this post, and for exporting channels, select Velocity.
It does not work for you ?

for me it does not work Sad
Ok, now I see what might be the problem.
I have created new simple source and placed it above and outside of the FumeFX source and used
it to emit smoke into the FumeFX02. In that case, smoke was moved by the velocities that propagated from FumeFX01->FumeFX source->FumeFX02
If place simple source inside the FumeFX source area, smoke will not move !

After more looking into the code, I have fixed it and it will be ready for FumeFX 2.1.


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