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Two plugin.ini for 3ds Max 2011?
Hi guys
I have a shortcut with a target:
"C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2011\3dsmax.exe" -p pluginL.ini

The strange thing is, that I'm absolutely positive that when you specify a different plugin.ini file, Max actually uses both.
So in this example, Max loads plugins from pluginL.ini file but also from the plugin.ini!!!

Simple test:
in plugin.ini I have only referenced Dreamscape
in pluginL.ini I have referenced only Afterburn

When I launch Max normally - I have only DS - logical.
When I launch Max through the shortcut - I get DS and AB at the same time!!!

Can anyone confirm this behaviour??

I need this to load FumeFX SL on nodes during render and normal FumeFX during user work - and I know this worked properly with previous versions of MAX???

Common guys, you can't use Simulation Licenses on your workstations without this trick, so I'm sure some of you are doing this Sad

It seems like -p does not work at all as I always get plugin.ini to load.

Any idea how to overcome this?

It seems to be a new problem as I'm sure I did this trick in the past to diffrentiate the type of FumeFX (or FumeFX SL) being loaded Sad
I think this should be a bug report to Autodesk, as I can't start different ini from
a command line...


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