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Setting channel export
is there a way in maxscript when I set the fume output path to set the channels aswell?

is that what the array is for at the end?

MyFumeFX.setpath "//blah/vlah/balah/avlla/dlfg//ballllsadlfsdf.fxd" #()
MyFumeFX.setpath "//blah/vlah/balah/avlla/dlfg//ballllsadlfsdf.fxd" #(velocity)???

Hi Andrew,

You can you have only one output file, regardless of how
many channels you're exporting. For now, it's not possible to have
each channel in it's own file, but sounds like something that can be added to 2.1.

Well I dont want multiple output files,
I was just wondering if, when I set the output path via maxscript, I can also specify what channels I would like to export.

This would be handy for tools that duplicate fume grids and then adjusting them to low res velocity fields.

Hi Andrew,

That is not possible, but I have added this to the 2.1 wishlist.


super awesome to hear man, thanks alot.

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