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DCPFlics registration crashing Windows 7 64-bit
Hi all.

I've been installing 3dsmax and all associated plugins on a new 64-bit Windows 7 computer that we are testing.
I have installed the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of max 2009 and they installed fine (Had to install to a custom directory because windows 7 won't allow updates inside of the Program Files directory).

Installed the 32 bit versions of Afterburn, Dreamscape and FumeFx from the latest installers. All installed fine and registered properly.

I installed the 64 bit versions from the manual file dumps and when I try to add the license server, DCPFlics will crash and shut down max. Doesn't matter if I do it with Afterburn Dreamscape or FumeFX. All 3 will crash the license manager when trying to add a server.

I've never had any issues like this before on XP or Vista.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Darren,

You can add server from 32 bit 3ds max, or change DCPFLICS.ini manually.
We will be looking into Win7 compatibility for next major release.

Thank you.

Hi Kresimir.

I have already added the license server in 32 bit and it licensed properly.

However, it still asks me for the license server when using 64 bit. Is there an ETA on the Win 7 update?


Yeah it seems like we are having issues with Win7 as well. For some reason the Turbosquid Authorization window keeps crashing inside of Max so I cannot get our license working. It always gives me an error saying that "An internet connection cannot be established."
Strange - I'm running Win7 Professional 64-bit as my primary workstation, and I'm not getting any issues like what you are describing here under Max 2009.

The question I have is in regards to which installer you're using. We DID have a major problem when Internet Explorer 8 shipped last year, and we had to update the TSRegisterNow.dll in order to allow it to function. I'm wondering if perhaps you guys have older installs that aren't using the updated dlls? This would be exceptionally problematic with Win7 since IE8 is the default browser installed. A quick check of your \3ds Max 2009 root folder (which is where the TSRegisterNow.dll file resides) - right-click > Properties > Details tab should show a version number of (regardless of 32-bit or 64-bit) and a date of 3/31/09.

Otherwise, something you might want to do is either temporarily disable the UAC in Win7 (I personally never have it on as it makes life miserable) - and run the DCPFLICS_Tools.EXE in Administrator mode, then try to authorize.


1. Go to your \Program Files (\Program Files (x86) on 64-bit OSes) \DCPFLICS folder.
2. Right-click on DCPFLICS_Tools.EXE and choose Run as Administrator.
3. DCPFLICS Tools 1.1 should launch and it should tell you the Service is installed and running. If it does not, then don't proceed. Let me know what it says.
4. Provided DCPFLICS Tools is running properly, go to your 3ds Max 2009 icon on your desktop, right-click it and choose Run as Administrator.
5. Max should launch.
6. Try to authorize your products.

If you get errors during the auth process, doing a screencapture will be very helpful in trying to diagnose this issue.


Turbo Squid, Inc.
The World in 3D
still having win 7 issues.. on my side , my auth only always shows 1 1 5 as a reqest code.. Always !

not cool !
im puolling the license from my other xp64 bit machines but still .. something is weard with win 7 64 and dcp
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