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Particle Flow not rendering
I've been using AfterBurn for a while, but this is my first time trying to use it with Particle Flow. I've looked at the help and set it up like they have it there. I'm using Max 2010 64 bit with AfterBurn 4.0b.

I have the PFlow-ABurn after the Display icons in the flow, and in the viewport I can see the AfterBurn spheres, but when I render I can't get it to render anything.

I do have another AfterBurn effect above it in the Atmosphere Effects for an explosion (the pflow effect is for particles coming off an object from the explosion)

What am I missing that its not rendering properly?

You need to add delete even to PF particle system so they have a valid lifespan.


I'm guessing that you have several layers.
The PFlow is on a visible layer - you can see it in Viewports - but the AB display object is on one of the hidden layers.
Try enabling all layers and render - if it helps, you know what to look for Smile

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