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AB 4 - first impressions and issues :)
So I played a bit with it and, WOW. The new shadow system is really fast - congrats!!!
The new parameter placement in rollouts is very intuitive, thanks.

Object clipping is great but I managed to get one issue with it. Basicaly the AB gets clipped properly, but there is an issue with the shadows that it projects. Some of the shadows "get through" the walls. I get dark spots - see the image below:
[Image: shadowspotszr3.th.jpg]
Try changing the shader to Octane and it gets even worse. tried playing with the Bias % of the shadow and the one next to Clip geometry option too. No luck Sad
It is funny since I can't get it from the supplied scene with the tube. Mine is also simple - just a box with the top wall pushed inwards to form an open box and a PCloud inside.
Here's the scene ( Max 2008 unfortunately Sad ):

Any ideas?

Last thing - Final Render compatibility:
- caustics work again Smile)
- can't get GI to work on AB
( Calculate Self GI On for particles and frImage as the engine - anything else I forgot? )

- and the BIG one: FR and the new AB shadow map - 100% times it freezes on the first bucket with AB - now that is really sad Sad

Please please make feel really silly and tell me it works fine, and I just messed something up Sad

Vista 64, Max 2008 64, FR R2, AB 4.

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