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A pattern appears in smoke renders: How to fix?
harlequin Wrote:Hi all.

I was wondering what did actualy solved the problem with the artifacts, 4dartist? We had many answers, but which one solved the problem?

I also got questions about the solutions:
- increasing the high treshhold in the smoke render settings up to the same number as the smoke density in the emitter
- You means to increase the high treshhold to the same value as the smoke amount in the obj/src tab, right?

- You can get rid of it by adding some jittering to renderind and using lower step size as well as reducing smoke opacity.
- When you talk about jittering, does it worked in the same way as the step size, the lower the value , the finer the effect?

Thanks in advance guys,



Smoke is very dense - almost solid, and since FumeFX is calculated on the grid, you'll always see a grid. Same thing with checker map in 2D - it's hard to get a smooth version out if it without too much blur.
To fix it, you can use smaller step size for rendering and higher jittering.



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